Skills that are Valued by employers in Australia

The research found that these three skills are more valued by employers: · Teamwork and collaboration · Critical thinking and problem solving · Attention to detail/thoroughness What this research shows is that there are skills employers care about, but that job seekers might downplay when they apply for a job. Highlighting these skills, then, may […]

Online Interview

Previously seen as a strange request or simply something that didn’t work, online job interviews are now part of the modus operandi of the HR sectors of companies. This saves time and money, not only for the company but also for the candidate.

The 10 Career Coaches To Watch in 2021

Juliana Owen, the founder, is a Certified Life and Career Coach who is passionate about helping people expand their consciousness through self-knowledge.

Overcoming Personal and Career Challenges

As a therapist and career coach, Juliana Owen of New Mind Consulting uses this approach to help individuals locate the root causes that may be preventing them from expressing their true selves…

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