5 Career tips to help International Students to find their first job in Australia.

Hi everyone, my name is Juliana Owen, I am a trained Life & Career Coach based in Sydney Australia. I have been working with personal development for over 15 years and I am fascinated about human cognitive behaviour. Over the past 12+ years I have been developing my career in Australia and like you currently, I also had to overcome a lot of challenges to become my best version.

One of the main challenges for an international student is when it comes to finding a job where you will be able to develop your skills and make money as well. A lot of companies will have some pre-requisites such as “minimum 1 year of local experience or Only permanent residents or Australian citizens are suitable for the role”. My advice is do not limit yourself with what the job description is saying, go above and beyond and try give it your best shot.

1 – Believe in yourself

A lot of people tend to feel nervous or anxious before an interview, it is normal to feel excited about a job opportunity but if you do not know how to control your emotions you will potentially speak very fast or will not articulate what you would like to. My advice is trying to relax and always believe in yourself even when you do not feel 100% confident. Remember that sharing your history in a way you are proud of will certainly help you to relax and give your best when interviewing.

2- Focus on finding a part time role while studying full time.

It is very important to look at the period you are studying as an opportunity to kick off your career. You do not need to wait until you have a Diploma or Degree to start your job hunting.

While at University you still have an active network where you can develop skills and start understanding a bit of what you would like to focus on when Uni is over. You can always reach out to a Career Coach or Educational Agent to support your development and help you to identify opportunities within your area. One of the greatest ways to find a job during your studies is to utilise internship programs through your university or institution.

3- Have your Portfolio set up and ready to go.

When we are talking about taking the next step and getting ready to the market, the first thing you should think about is to have your Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn professionally set up and ready to go.

Recruitment is a big Industry in Australia and you will be dealing with the specialists in that specific market. They know everyone in that space, and you are a new candidate coming to the career race, so be smart and invest your time into getting a professional Career Coach’s advice and guidance as the first step is hugely important. You might be dealing with a hiring manager or an Internal Head of Talent as the first point of contact for that role you are applying for so get ready and do not waste time!

4- Interview Preparation

Now you have your portfolio professionally set up and ready to apply for a job! Once the market starts recognising your skills the phone will start ringing and you will have to make a great impression to Agency Recruiters, direct Hiring Managers, or internal Talent Acquisition Consultants. Whoever it is, you will have to talk and articulate how suitable you are for that role and drive the outcome you want. The best-case scenario when you are well prepared is to secure a face-to-face interview on the back of that phone call. The worst-case scenario would be you being underprepared and working on assumptions is when you miss the opportunity, and you are back to square one. So, make sure you are fully prepared and set up to secure your dream job and be one step ahead of the competition!

5- Connect with Industry Mentors.

Attending networking events during your studies will help you familiarise yourself with the professional environment. Listening to the journey of a graduate or an experienced professional will in your field will provide you with insights of what you hope to be doing in the future.

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